Promoting effective policies and programs and advocating for resources to support youth worldwide.




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  • Bring together policy makers and practitioners to better understand the issues that affect young people worldwide.

  • Identify what works in the field, and encourage learning and insight from what doesn't. 

  • Ensure that current policy priorities match young peoples’ needs and are informed by best practice.

  • Elevate the work of youth leaders and young entrepreneurs.

  • Promote continued learning to strengthen our work and accountability.

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AIYD is managed by full-time staff based at InterAction and led by our membership. From AIYD’s advocacy priorities, to our work aimed at gathering and sharing effective practices from the field, members inform and carry-out all aspects of AIYD’s work. The strength of our community is driven by our members’ commitment to young people and the expertise they bring from across all sectors of development and humanitarian practice. All AIYD leadership is voluntary and key positions are elected by members.

Alliance Co-Chairs Elected by our members, the AIYD Co-Chairs serve a two year term, on a calendar year basis. AIYD Co-Chair terms rotate, with a new co-chair taking office at the beginning of each year. The AIYD Co-Chairs hold senior leadership positions at their respective organizations and have a demonstrated commitment to elevating youth development. The co-chairs work closely with the AIYD Manager based at InterAction on all aspects of the Alliance; chair the Council and Executive Committees; and regularly serve on behalf of AIYD as our formal representatives to the broader youth development community.

Steering Committee The Executive Committee is led by the AIYD Manager, Co-Chairs (elected from organizations that do not have a staff person serving as a Chair of a Sub-Committee) and includes the Co-Chairs of AIYD’s Advocacy and Effective Practices working groups and interested AIYD members. The Executive Committee meets every three months and steers AIYD’s year-round activities and administrative business, including: trends and opportunities in the youth development sector; strategic guidance; AIYD learning agenda; and AIYD advocacy recommendations and policy outreach with our partners at the USG, UN, World Bank, the private sector and elsewhere.



AIYD members work on the frontlines and in all sectors of international development and humanitarian assistance. Our members’ programs target youth through interventions focused on health, livelihoods, workforce development, entrepreneurship and financial services, leadership and civic engagement.

The Alliance provides a unique opportunity to bring together this collective expertise and develop recommendations to help guide future programming and investments for international youth development. 

With guidance from AIYD’s leadership, our working groups determine and implement year-round activities on behalf of the Alliance.

The Advocacy and Effective Practices working groups are at the heart of what we do and are voluntary and open to all AIYD members.


AIYD Working Groups 

The Advocacy Working Group determines AIYD’s advocacy priorities, targets and activities. The Working Group drafts recommendations for member-wide review, conducts outreach to key contacts within the USG, multilateral organizations, the private sector, and other partners. The Advocacy Working Group works closely with the Effective Practices Working Group to ensure that AIYD’s advocacy priorities reflect best practice, drawing from our members’ experience and programs. 

The Effective Practices Working Group is focused on gathering, sharing and translating best practices to enhance learning across the youth development sector, and to translate what we know into concrete policy recommendations and tools. Currently, the EP Working Group is developing Guiding Principles for Youth Development on behalf of AIYD’s members. The Principles will reflect our membership’s shared consensus on best practice from our work in education, workforce development, health and education, as well as cross-cutting principles such as youth engagement, conflict, disability and gender. The Principles will provide an organizational framework for deeper engagement and learning, and support our advocacy efforts. 


AIYD provides a unique, year-round forum at InterAction for the youth development to connect, engage and contribute to new learning on youth policy and practice. The challenges that impact youth, affec us all--finding solutions demands collective action and collaborative thinking, outside the box. The aim of AIYD's Learning Forum is: 

  • Bring together policy makers and practitioners to better understand the issues that affect young people worldwide.
  • Identify what works in the field, and encourage learning and insight from what doesn't. 
  • Ensure that current policy priorities match young peoples’ needs and are informed by best practice.
  • Elevate the work of youth leaders and young entrepreneurs.
  • Promote continued learning to strengthen our work and accountability.

Since 2011, AIYD has collaborated with members and partners from USAID, the State Department, the World Bank, the IDB, the United Nations, the Brookings Insitute, CSIS, the ILO, American University, and others. 

AIYD staff works together with presenters amplify new lessons and evidence from programs, generate discussion, and develop concrete recommendations to inform practice and policy for youth development. Where able, AIYD aims to integrate the learning generated by the Learning Forum into our advocacy efforts. 

We invite members of the youth development community to join AIYD at our open events throughout the year. If you are interested in collaborating with AIYD for a learning event, please contact us at Please include brief destription of the topic and intended audience, timing and desired outcomes.