AIYD Welcomes New Co-Chair Dr. Kristin Lord!
AIYD appoints Dr. Kristin Lord, President & CEO, IREX as 2015 - 2017 Co-Chair
AIYD Guiding Principles for Youth Development
The Guiding Principles reflect AIYD’s collective voice on effective practices for positive youth development.  
Elevating Youth Voices, Drawing on Young People
AIYD champions youth engagement, soliciting youth voices by integrating young people into our work.    
Beyond Emergency: How Conflict Impacts Global Youth
AIYD launches Youth in Focus Blog Series highlighting expert insight on the challenges faced by youth in times of conflict.  
Witnessing Malala
Courage, defiance & a call to action: Malala Yousafzai addresses the UN General Assembly on United Nations Youth Take Over for Malala Day  
Bring Back Our Girls: A Call for Continued Action on Nigeria
AIYD, BEC and GCE urge continued action by the US Government on Nigeria
Youth Engagement as a Means, Not an End
Why youth? Why now? We take a closer look at youth engagement and AIYD's work to advocate for positive youth development practice.
  • AIYD Member Creative Associates International Launches CreativeU
  • A Second Home For Salvadoran Youth
  • AIYD Co-Chairs on International Developmentā€™s Awkward Stage
  • Event Summary: Pushed & Pulled: Central America and The Youth Migration Crisis
  • AIYD Member Bulletin for Week of November 24th, 2014 - Happy Thanksgiving

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