The Alliance for International Youth Development (AIYD) is a community of practice and advocacy coalition of leading U.S.- based youth and community development organizations.


InterAction is the largest alliance of U.S.-based international nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), with nearly 200 members working in every developing country.  Members are faith-based and secular, large and small, with a focus on the world’s most poor and vulnerable populations. InterAction’s funds come from member dues and generous grants from others, such as foundations.


Using its collective voice, InterAction seeks to shape important policy decisions on relief and long term development issues, including foreign assistance, the environment, women, youth, health, education and agriculture. Members are at the forefront in responding to humanitarian crises and disasters worldwide and InterAction often acts as a hub in these efforts. Alliance members adhere to standards drawn up by InterAction, which aim to ensure accountability and transparency in financial management, fundraising, governance and program performance. InterAction is committed to being the voice and prime representative of U.S. international NGOs in building alliances and common agendas with NGO networks and other strategic partners worldwide.


The Alliance for International Youth Development (AIYD) is housed at InterAction and works alongside staff from InterAction’s Strategic Impact Team (SIT). This team works with InterAction members to address critical issues related to global development. This includes advancing member work in priority areas of development; creating tools to both improve and show the impact of InterAction members; and serving as the lead, with the Executive Office, on relations with NGO platforms in the North and South. InterAction’s partnership with AIYD underscores the importance of prioritizing the world’s global youth.


“This youth population…is the new reality for the development and humanitarian community. It is true that with high rates of youth unemployment, inadequate education and a high proportion of young refugees, the world’s youth are becoming an increasingly large part of our programming, but what would happen if we thought of youth as more than beneficiaries? Can we harness the power and vision of the largest generation of future leaders?” - Samuel A. Worthington, President & CEO, InterAction

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