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Winrock International

Winrock International works with people in the United States and around the world to empower the disadvantaged, increase economic opportunity, and sustain natural resources. Winrock International was created in 1985 with the merger of the International Agricultural Development Service, the Winrock International Livestock Research and Training Center and the Agricultural Development Council. Through its Empowerment and Civic Engagement programs, Winrock prepares the next generation for a sustainable future. It strengthens the capacity of youth to actively participate in local and national development by providing educational programs and services to meet the needs of young people, most of whom live in poverty without access to education and basic services. To impart information and knowledge, Winrock programs address a variety of issues surrounding gender equity, literacy, child labor, HIV/AIDS and more. These programs build on local customs and equip learners with skills to address local development challenges, thus helping youth achieve their potential as productive citizens.


Winrock supports youth civic engagement and leadership, employment and livelihoods, and access to education for out of school youth.  In Kenya, Winrock supports youth through the Yes Youth Can! regional project, working with rural youth to establish platforms that serve as youth managed spaces for the youth to develop new leadership skills, promote transparent decision making and engage their collective voice on decisions that affect them. In Nepal, Winrock works to increase income and food security of marginalized youth and their families by increasing the production and sales of high-value commodities and production of food crops in areas with high rates of food insecurity. The USAID Nepal Education for Income Generation program has improved the income of more than 54,000 disadvantaged youth and benefited additional 300,000 household members. In sub-Saharan Africa, girls have historically lagged behind boys in school enrollment and retention. The Winrock-implemented Ambassadors' Girls' Scholarship Program awarded scholarships and provided mentoring to vulnerable children in order to increase their retention in school. By the end of the program, more than 150,000 scholarships were awarded to assist vulnerable girls and boys in southern Africa.

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