Education Development Center

The Alliance for International Youth Development (AIYD) is a community of practice and advocacy coalition of leading U.S.- based youth and community development organizations.
Education Development Center

Education Development Center (EDC) was founded in 1958 and has managed over 350 projects in 35 countries. EDC designs, delivers and evaluates innovative programs to address some of the world’s urgent challenges in education, health and economic opportunity.


EDC’s youth development initiatives prepare young people for success—whether starting a job, becoming an entrepreneur, or pursuing further education. EDC has a decade of experience in youth development in 30 countries ranging from Macedonia to Afghanistan. We have reached more than 200,000 youth with training, resources, and connections. Over 84,000 have gained work readiness skills using EDC’s Work Ready Now! approach.


Prepare: EDC ensures that youth are ready for work and able to navigate changing professional landscapes. Our training pairs “soft skills,” such as work habits, with basic reading and math, technical training, and entrepreneurship. We help youth bridge the gap between training and employment opportunities.


Connect:  EDC helps underserved young people identify jobs, internships, funding for small businesses, and additional education. We connect youth with the private sector through internships and jobs. We also network young people with one another to share ideas and take action. 


Engage: EDC equips youth with skills to participate in civic life, embrace leadership, and contribute to their communities. For young people, especially those living in conflict-prone areas, positive engagement provides a vital sense of belonging and self-worth.



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