The Story Behind Our Logo

Story behind out logoHow should a organization dedicated to international youth development create its new logo?  By inviting young designers from around the world to showcase their work!  

As a newly formed coalition dedicated to advocating for young people worldwide, AIYD wanted to create an organizational logo that reflects the mission and objectives of our community and in particular, our commitment to youth engagement.   Through a unique partnership with AIYD-member the Intel Foundation, AIYD initiated a design competition among youth members of the Intel Computer Clubhouse Network (ICCN).  ICCN is comprised of more than 100 Computer Clubhouses around the world that provide an opportunity for youth to learn how to use technology effectively, and where they can explore their own creativity using computers.  

Logo design entries were submitted by 65 individuals and teams representing Computer Clubhouses in nine countries.  The judges included ten members of the AIYD Leadership Council who considered the professional quality and creativity of the design, essential design elements, and the overall presentation. This was a “blind competition”: at the time of review, designs were not affiliated with their authors, country of origin, or the age or gender of those who submitted an entry.

After much deliberation over a large number of competitive entries, judges selected their winning team: Clubhouse Suba Compartir of Bogota, Colombia! Team members Ever Julian Peña Plazas, Andres Camilo Rojas-Balamba, and Cristian Sanchez Jaimes submitted a terrific design that in the judges view best reflected the design criteria and spirit of AIYD.  Each member of the winning team was awarded a new laptop computer, provided by Intel.  Intel also made a donation to Clubhouse Suba Compartir.

AIYD would like to thank all the many talented young men and women of the ICCN that participated in the logo design competition, and Intel and the Intel Foundation for sponsoring the contest. 


Photo Credit | Intel Foundation