Find resources for youth policy and practice from across technical sectors including policy briefs, case studies, evaluations, reports, guides, toolkits, and other technical documents from our members' youth programs and beyond.
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Title Program Focus Type Countries Date Nid
UNICEF State of the World's Children 2011: Adolescence: Age of Opportunity Conflict, Education, Engagement, Finance, Gender, Health, Learning, Work Reports Studies December 2012 264
Research Brief: Understanding Political Violence Among Youth Conflict, Engagement Policy, Reports Studies Kenya December 2012 263
NCD Child: Safeguarding Adolescent and Youth Livelihoods In the Face of NCDs and Their Risk Factors Health, Work Reports Studies December 2012 262
ILO: Stimulating Youth Entrepreneurship: Barriers and Incentives to Enterprise Start-Ups By Youth Finance, Work Reports Studies December 2012 261
Ready, Set, Go Resources Guide: Increasing Capacity to Engage Youth & Family Volunteers: Engagement, Learning Guides and Toolkits, Reports Studies United States December 2012 260
Understanding Political Violence Among Youth: Evidence from Kenya on the Links Between Youth Economic Independence, Social Integration and Stability Conflict Reports Studies Kenya December 2012 259
Effective & Promising Summer Learning Programs and Approaches for Economically Disadvantaged Children and Youth Education, Engagement, Learning Reports Studies December 2012 258
Youth & Conflict: A Brief Review of Available Literature Conflict Reports Studies December 2012 257
Technology in the HP Life Program: Summary Report Findings Education, Learning, Work Evaluation, Reports Studies China, India, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa December 2012 256
Out of School Youth In Developing Countries: What the Data Do and Do Not Tell Us Education, Learning, Work Reports Studies Ethiopia, Kenya December 2012 255